About Us

About Us

Do You Even Canberra?

We are Canberrans. To us, Canberra is not synonymous with the Federal Parliament or the Commonwealth Government.

Canberra is home. Canberra is growing and evolving. Canberra is warm, complicated, hidden in plain sight. Canberra is bushwalks, gardens, picnics, valleys and peaks. Canberra is coffee, beer, gin, wine, food and Sunday sessions. Canberra is technology, live music, art, film, ideas and innovation. Canberra is pride, inclusivity and community.

We are proud of our Canberra. And we are proud to serve you as Canberrans.

The Team

We are a network of Canberra lawyers and conveyancers who are daring to do it differently. We are highly awarded, recognised in our respective fields and deeply invested in Canberra and the modernisation of our profession.

When you engage Canberra Legal Group, you will be assigned a dedicated practitioner from our network who is at the top of their field and ready to make your success their focus.


Let’s Talk Solutions

Canberra Legal Group is the purveyor of fine legal solutions. We use technology to bring out the best in us and deliver you the successes you demand.

Whether it’s leading ACT’s e-conveyancing charge from the front, pioneering integrated communications systems and developing self-service legal solutions, Canberra Legal Group has it on the agenda.

It’s the perfect mix of human intelligence and systems leveraging. And it’s coming to you from locals.


Absolute Fixed Fees

Some firms promise you the cheapest fees in Canberra while still asking you to pay for “sundries” like photocopying, or charging hourly rates. Who is photocopying anything these days? This is old hat. Now that you mention it, so is paying an hourly rates.

Our pricing is compliant with the ethical standards set by the Law Society and we aim to provide you with excellence in transparency and certainty of pricing.

Your invoice will be made up of two components maximum:

  1. Professional fees: We provide an absolute fixed price on every single matter which includes all advice, correspondence and administration of your matter.
  2. Expenses Incurred On Your Behalf: We will ask that you reimburse us for the actual cost of disbursements, such as searches and agents, that you need for your deal. We don’t make any money on these and you’re on a pay-what-you-use basis.