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ACT House Sale

Our policy is that our fees are made up of only two components: (1) an "absolute fixed fee" for our professional services, plus (2) the disbursements we actually incur on your behalf. What you see, is what you get. We do not quote artificially low prices and quietly ask you to pay additional "sundry" charges, and we never charge a disbursements-inclusive price which may leave you out of pocket.

Professional Fees (inclusive of GST)

Professional fees are billed at the completion of each stage, and include the support of a solicitor and a conveyancer throughout your transaction.
Stage 1 - Contract Preparation $550.00
Stage 2 - Exchange through to Settlement $1,100.00

Postage, photocopying INCLUDED
Printing, scanning INCLUDED
Administration INCLUDED
Telephone calls, faxes INCLUDED
Trust Accounting INCLUDED
Compliance INCLUDED
Total Professional Fees $1,650.00

Disbursements (inclusive of GST)

This type of property and contract is expected to require the following searches and other disbursements. This is an estimate only and additional searches may be requried for your property in order to comply with the relevant legislation. We will only ever charge you the disbursements we must incur on your behalf.
Stage: Contract Preparation

Land Titles Office Title Search $46.60
Deposited Plan of the Land $39.35
Crown Lease $46.60
Lease Conveyancing Enquiry $118.85
ACT Law Society Standard Terms of Sale $10.00
Online Verification of ID (first matter only) $11.00
Stage: Exchange
Exchange Agent $27.50

Stage : Settlement
PEXA $114.07

Total Disbursements (estimate) $413.97


Grand Total


* subject to each local government"s fees for this search
** may require multiple dependent on the property type